3 Tips to Kick-Start Your Slow Living

I’ve mentioned before my LOVE for Lists. Whether it’s setting daily or monthly goals, I find it satisfying to check off completed tasks. My newest goal is to live slower. Enjoying moments and being in the present, opposed to living in the past or fearing the future. I’m tired of being caught in the buzz of rushed society. While some days are better than others, slow living is a constant goal; to keep myself accountable and help others interested in it, here are 3 Tips to kick start your own Slow Living.


Have you ever felt your phone vibrate, even when it didn’t? What about hearing it ring? There is so much noise in our world these days! Technology has some great advantages; it has moved mountains, taken what we thought was impossible, and given us new heights to dream of. It also has great disadvantages; creating a disconnect between people, social anxieties that otherwise might never have existed, and a constant need to be in-the-know and liked.

If you’re looking to live a bit slower, try unplugging. Switch your phone on airplane mode, put your laptop down, turn the TV off. Do this for 20 minutes. Read a book. Eat and converse with people. Go for a walk. Enjoy the sunshine. When you return to technology, ease yourself back in. You don’t need to spend twice the time scrolling. It’s okay to miss a post! Start by unplugging once a week and increase as you want.

Make Your Own Food

I was not a huge fan of the kitchen until after I embraced a vegan lifestyle. Having a fancy kitchen was so important, but the thought of actually using it was unappetizing. As I started eating more plant foods, I was a bit overwhelmed. I was lucky enough to have my sister – who had been vegan for half a year already – live with me briefly. It helped to watch what she made for herself, how she cooked, what she cooked, how she mixed ingredients…

I believe the art of making your own food; from cooking daily meals to meal prepping your work-week lunches, leads to an appreciation for patience (and in-turn slow living). I genuinely have to take the time to consider what I have in my fridge, what I can make with it, and how much time I have. The longer I make my own food, the less I rely on takeout alternatives and the more I love the way homemade cooking makes me feel. I’m talking both physically and mentally.

Be Present

I think being present can be a challenge in Western society. We thrive off being busy, but being present can give your life so much meaning and joy! As guilty as I may be; from eating breakfast with the tv on, to having my phone out at all times, and never truly focusing on one task at a time. So, why do we do it? Keeping our minds busy can be a way to avoid our own problems and concerns.

Millennials and Gen Z’s also experience more anxiety than previous generations; we generally fall into 2 categories, the high-functioning and the completely paralyzed. I lean more towards high-functioning and in turn, am constantly keeping my mind and body busy. But, giving tasks and people your time, by being present, allows a mutual respect. It allows your body and mind the chance to let go – even if just for a few moments.


Yoga is one method that has really helped me be more present. I’m still a work in progress, but I knew going in that it would be a challenge to slow down. When I walk into a practice, that hour is mine. I have to work hard to focus solely on myself, my movements, pushing myself to grow, but not to push myself past my physical limitations. What other yogis are doing is irrelevant to my practice, and this is really something I love about the yoga world. It is about each individual’s personal journey.

Speaking of Yoga and Being Present, I will be going radio-silent for the next 15 days while I completely immerse myself in the world of yoga. I am so excited and can’t wait to share how everything goes once I’m back!

xx The Grateful Brunette

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