4 Go-To Apps for Productivity

How do you stay productive? How do you keep track of everything going on in your life? Productivity can be a complicated notion. In order to be productive, you need to have some inkling of encouragement or motivation. What is driving you to complete your tasks? You also need to be organized. With an ever-improving technological society, our phones, tablets and watches are just a few great tools we can use to stay organized and productive. Keep reading for my Top 4 Go-To Apps for Productivity!


All smartphones come automatically installed with a Calendar app. Now, you just need to get into the habit of using it. I like to use my Calendar for everything; from which vitamins and supplements I’m taking, to time-sensitive recurring events and work schedules. It helps to have everything in one place, especially when I’m looking to plan something in advance. Whether it’s doctors appointments, vacations, dinners with family, having my calendar on me and ready for editing is so valuable for my productivity.


All iPhones come automatically installed with a Reminders app, though I’m not sure about the Android phones (if you know, please let me know!). Consider it a running to-do list for anything and everything; from groceries to gift ideas, movies to watch or something to look into when you get home. I have also started the habit of doing a “brain dump” before going to bed. The Reminders app has vastly improved not only my productivity, but my sleep and insomnia moments, and allowed my brain to stop running all night long with forget-me-nots.

Remember the Milk

Similar to the Reminders app, there is an one called Remember the Milk. I first started using it for groceries. If I was running low, completely out, or needed specific ingredients for a recipe, it was a great tool that I (almost) always had on hand, and could edit as necessary. Remember the Milk is a Free app, though it does have a premium version. Having used both version, I would say that if you’re using the app as a straight-forward to-do list, with some recurring events, then you don’t need to pay extra. Productivity starts with organization, and this app helps me stay on track on a daily basis.


This is actually an online platform that also has an app – and it’s a great app! While the Calendar and Reminders apps have their place in a to-do mindset, Wrike works better for long-term planning. In short, it’s a project management tool and perfect for taking your productivity to the next level. If you are writing a book, planning an event, or managing several projects or clients at a time, a project management software could be a great investment. Wrike allows you to share your work with others, create daily, weekly, monthly and recurring tasks. It offers a Free program for up to 5 users for simple and shared task lists. If your budget allows, I recommend the Professional ($9.80/user per month) which works for 5, 10 and 15 user groups. This price gives you access to full project planning and collaboration for you and your team.

Final Thoughts

All 4 of these apps are either FREE or have FREE options. What does that tell you? You don’t need to sell your kidney in order to get and stay organized! There are so many productivity and project management tools out there, you just need to use up those free trials and see which one works best for you. We all work differently. I have a friend who swear by colour-coded Post-It notes, another who writes everything down in her Notes app. For myself, I LOVE lists and find that being able to check things off – by app or on paper – gives me a sense of accomplishment. It keeps me motivated and encouraged to keep going. Whatever works for you, your future self will thank you for getting a little more organized today.

xx The Grateful Brunette

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