Tip #1 for Turning Your Mood Around

Does anyone else sometimes find themselves in a rut they just can’t get out of? When my mood shifts like this, I find it extremely difficult to move through it. Even though the feeling passes after a few hours at most, I feel unproductive, depressive, and manic in this state. I’m definitely growing more self-aware though. Being able to identify when these feelings occur and what exactly you’re feeling is progress. The problem I most encounter is the other people around me when I get into mood. They want to help me (bless their souls) and they’re willing to go to outrageous lengths to do just that, but it’s not their problem, it’s mine. They can’t fully help me, unless I can help myself. So, how do you turn your mood around? My first tip is finding things to do around the house

Around the Home

When you feel down, lethargic, upset, frustrated, etc., you’re likely not interested in doing anything. You’re definitely not looking to leave the house to go and socialize. Finding those things that genuinely release happy endorphins can be very effective in moments when your mood has you feeling down. So, what can you do to boost your spirit and enjoy in the comfort of your home? Some of my favourites include:


Have a book you bought or were gifted but haven’t had the time? Now is the time. Take 10-20 minutes from whatever it is you’re doing *sulking in your bedroom* and read. Reading pushes you into a different world and subconsciously clears your mind of your current worries and stressors.


More specifically, I’m looking at writing exercises. If you’re raging, feeling extremely down and blue, confused or anxious, clearing your mind with a book may not work right away. If you’re anything like me, when I have a lot on my mind, I can’t just power down instantly. Try grabbing a journal, notebook or even opening up a blank page on Microsoft Word or One Note. Then, start a timer for 5 minutes and write. Do NOT stop writing until that timer goes off. Put it all on the page. Once you’re done, move forward.


I find that sometimes (I have to be in the right mindset), cleaning a space in my home when I’m feeling down helps me pick myself back up. It still allows me to be productive, it still allows me to sulk if I want to, and it keeps me moving. I highly recommend that this method is accompanied with some upbeat tunes, throwback or otherwise to sing and dance to.

Going Offline

Whether it’s social media, watching tv or just scrolling endlessly through online sites, it can be draining. Often times, this endless scroll and lounge-about routine is what causes my mood to shift in the first place. It’s not like anything severe happened. Something inside just clicks and says “Really? This is how you’re going to spend your time?” Then, my anxious self comes out to play with all her talk, concerns, and criticisms that can be chalked up to a lifetime of poor decisions where watching TV was the final straw. In these moments, I turn it all off. I usually lie down for a few minutes to give me eyes and head a break from screens and lights. After which, I move to reading, writing, cleaning or light exercise.


When all else fails, there is something wildly calming about fresh air. My “excuse” for getting fresh air daily is that my angel of a pup needs outdoor walks. Most days, I get two good walks in and if I’m not working it’s more like 3 or 4. But, when I feel down or don’t want to socialize…when my head is crammed and I can’t think straight, going for a walk with my dog is a sure-fire way to clear my mind and come back ready to take action.

In my opinion, hobbies are essential to healthful living. They are the things that we do for no other reason than that they bring us PURE JOY. I am all for hobbies and hobby-jobs. If you can turn your hobby into a side hustle, second job or full-time career, than you are succeeding my friend! I hope these tips can help turn your mood around when you need it most.

xx The Grateful Brunette

If these aren’t on your radar, how do you pick yourself up when feeling down? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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